Dark Chocolate
Gift Box
Package Quantity: 
Item Diameter: 
1 1/8"
Item Height: 

Celiabrate® Bliss! with our devilishly decadent truffles.

Far from boring, our Dark Chocolate Truffles are anything but bland. 100% chocolate with no other competing flavor, these exquisite confections are uncomplicated in their excellence. Comprised of our signature baked dark chocolate cores engulfed in a cauldron of our special blend of sumptuous dark chocolate, they're one mainstay that's sure to never disappoint.

KristAnn's Truffle Domes are generous treats that are truly indulgent. Measuring a robust 1 1/8" in diameter at their base by 7/8" tall to the top of the crown, these truffles are sure to satiate even the most hard-core chocoholic. Packaged in groups of four in our signature gift boxes, Truffle Domes are an excellent way to tell someone you care--even if that someone is you!

We use only the finest premium chocolate and highest-quality ingredients to hand-craft these ecstasy inducing treats that'll leave you wondering . . . "How can that be gluten-free!?" The secret's in our baked core, which results in a morsel that's both incredibly light and sinfully satisfying. We offer all of our truffles in two different sizes: Domes and Gems. Use the menus above to explore all the flavor, size and packaging options. Try one or try them all. No matter what you choose one thing's for sure: you're gonna want more!